OxThera is built on a highly-experienced and committed team and strong network in oxaluria research, rare disease drug development and anaerobic bacterial manufacturing.

Leadership Team

Matthew Gantz
Chief Executive Officer

Mats-Olof Wallin
Chief Financial Officer

Elisabeth Lindner
Strategic Advisor

Bastian Dehmel
Chief Medical Officer

Matthew Gantz, Chief Executive Officer

Matthew Gantz has built and led several successful high growth businesses in the US and Europe across the specialty pharma and medical device space in multiple therapeutic areas. During his time at PathoGenesis and BTG, he managed the approval and successful launch of two rare disease drugs, TOBI and Voraxaze, in Europe and US respectively. He is a board member of SOBI, a publicly-listed Swedish rare disease company and Life Sciences PA, the Pennsylvania Life Science industry association.

Mr Gantz is a graduate of Princeton University and received his MBA from Harvard Business School. He also served as an infantry officer in the US Marine Corps.

Mats-Olof Wallin, Chief Financial Officer

Mats-Olof Wallin has previously been CFO in several listed companies such as Karo Pharma, Sobi and Biotage.

Elisabeth Lindner, Strategic Advisor

Elisabeth Lindner is a Member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences and has long-term senior management experience from Pharmacia Corporation, Octapharma, and Diamyd Medical among others. Mrs Lindner holds a MSc from the Royal Institute of Technology and an MBA from Uppsala University.

Bastian Dehmel, Chief Medical Officer

Bastian Dehmel has extensive experience in the life science sector, having led Medical Affairs and Clinical Development teams responsible for drugs in Diabetes and End Stage Renal Disease at companies like GSK, Novo Nordisk and Amgen. Dr Dehmel joins OxThera after serving as Executive Medical Director and Global Development Leader for Amgen’s calcimimetic franchise. He brings extensive experience in working with global regulatory agencies and was responsible for FDA and EMA approval of etelcalcetide, and more recently for the orphan pediatric drug approval of cinacalcet by EMA. Dr Dehmel received his medical training in Internal Medicine while at the Charite University in Berlin.