Welcome to OxThera’s website! We at OxThera are pioneering a novel approach for the treatment of primary hyperoxaluria, or PH for short. We are led by a highly qualified team with decades of experience in biologics drug development, manufacturing and rare disease drug commercialization. Together with the support and funding from an experienced consortium of life science venture capital funds, we have been able to fulfill our committment to helping patients with this severe genetic disease.

Our lead product Oxabact is being developed to be a safe, well-tolerated and easy-to-use treatment for PH patients. Our innovative approach addresses an unmet medical need to enhance enteric oxalate excretion that should effectively lower urinary and plasma oxalate concentrations and eventually break down oxalate crystal deposits in the body.

Oxabact is now in a pivotal Phase III clinical trial at 7 EU and 3 US hospitals to confirm safety and efficacy in PH. Furthermore, we have recently completed an interim analysis of PH patients on stable dialysis regimen undergoing 12 months of therapy of Oxabact® that met our primary endpoint of stabilizing or reducing plasma oxalate levels.

Our goal is to complete our phase III study and if we have positive results seek approval in both the US and Europe. We are excited about the potential that our therapy has to positively impact patients suffering from PH and to become an important therapeutic option in the future.
We invite you to learn more about the work we are doing in the following web pages.

Matthew Gantz