OxThera develops biopharmaceuticals based on biologics and biomolecules. We have a long experience in the development of orally delivered biological drugs.


Oxabact® is an orally delivered composition of live bacteria, Oxalobacter formigenes. This is a natural, non-pathogenic, gut bacteria that was isolated from man in the late 1970s. It relies exclusively on oxalate as a substrate to obtain energy and it has an extremely efficacious oxalate metabolism.
Oxabact® therapy utilises an O. formigenes mediated degradation of oxalate in the intestines to promote the removal of endogenously produced oxalate. This enteric elimination of oxalate should reduce the oxalate burden on the kidneys. Oxabact® is primarily targeting the orphan disease Primary Hyperoxaluria.


Oxazyme® is a non-systemic orally delivered drug composed of recombinant oxalate decarboxylase for treatment of  Hyperoxaluria. It is formulated to enzymatically degrade available dietary oxalate prior to its absorption. The drug is designed as a dietary intercept therapeutic for enteric and absorptive hyperoxalurias causing recurrent stone disease. The objective with Oxazyme® is to prevent formation of calcium-oxalate kidney stones.